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Japan Nationals 2020 Qualifiers Day 3 Roundup

With all the three qualifiers coming to an end, 52 teams have qualified to the Season 1 Finals set to be held in June,

In the upgraded Japan National 2020 that boasts a 500 million yen (US$46,000) prize pool, all Japanese teams -- from Pro League giants to newly grouped amatures -- have an equal opportunity to grab the crown of the Champion of Japan. Now that the all qualifiers concluded, 52 teams will appear at the Season 1 Finals in June.

Day 3 Qualifier Roundup

While most of the professional teams and middle-classes had already made it to the seasonal finals by the end of the Day 2 qualifier, surprisingly, NORA-Rengo (NR), one of the upcoming APAC North teams was yet to qualify as they had failed to win on Day 1 and were absent on Day 2.

Supporters were sure that NR would get through the final qualifier easily, given that remaining teams gathered in Day 3 seemed less skillful than past qualifiers, but viewers saw an unexpected situation where the organisation's trainee division, NORA-Rengo NRH (NRH), were drawn with NR in the same group.

With both NR and NRH in the final for their group, some pointed out that NR had the option to gift their younger brothers an opportunity for the seasonal Finals as they had themselves already secured a spot at the Finals after taking a runners-up position twice. However, in the spirit of competition, NR would not take the easy road.

NR started the Bo3 match on attack on Villa and played it much like Ranked until the role swap. The clearly underestimated side, NRH thus responded with rapid roaming and aggressive peeking, and ended the first haif by 3-3 equal score. However immediately afterwards, NR stopped the fun and games. In the second half, NR took four rounds on the trot to close out the map 7-3.

Moving to Kafe as the second map, although NRH seemed to have lots of confidence on this map given their robust performance from their earlier game against C-va Kagoshima, NR had no plans to give NRH an easy way out. A 7-4 finish on the map eliminated NRH from the Season 1 Finals qualifiers as the game concluded at a 2-0.

Competitors of Seasonal Finals

Thus, all three qualifiers came to an end and the Season 1 Finals will see following teams:

Day 1 Winners

  • NORA-Rengo (NRG, a separate team from the APAC North team)
  • GUTS Gaming
  • ObsidiaN
  • CYCLOPS athlete gaming
  • Sakurai House no Jyunin
  • YOSHIMOTO Gaming Lamy (YGL)
  • Father's Back
  • Faisaru
  • Lotus ETS
  • Unsold Stuff Gaming (USG)
  • Migration esports
  • YOBAs
  • JackaL
  • SunSister

Day 2 Winners

  • Crest Gaming
  • ShinoBeeGaming
  • Team ERAs
  • TEAM Ano-hi-no
  • FAV gaming
  • Catastrophy
  • My Tyoumiryou
  • Spec Gaming
  • SchwarzerLand.A
  • Team Alchemy
  • Fiveness Esports - B
  • Ah. Hai. Donmai-desu. 
  • WASD☆fermata(^^♪
  • Mippei Missyu Missetsu Gaming (runners-up twice)
  • ELEMENT.36 (runners-up twice)

Day 3 Winners

  • Lst.
  • NORA-Rengo (the APAC North team)
  • DistRust.
  • Zepto.
  • Bokura-ga Kakumei-wo Okosini-yattekita!
  • Ohisama
  • Lost Cards
  • Eritozakkiokun
  • LooP
  • Quartz
  • Frieda Seiei Butai
  • Over Clock Gaming
  • JAFA
  • Makyaronzu
  • Gaming Team SELECTOR
  • Sexy
  • Skittey Doukoukai (runners-up twice)
  • Tukumo Itimon vLt (runners-up twice)

The Season 1 Finals tournament will be held on June 6, and 7 online, with the current schedule of Season 2 not yet announced. Tune in then to catch the biggest domestic competition by way of prize money in all of Rainbow Six come to a close, with a strong mix of professional and amateur teams.


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