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Team oNe Players Leave Organisation, Attorney Involved

The Team oNe roster has left the organisation with little explanation and litigation seemingly underway.

Team oNe Players Leave Organisation, Attorney Involved

In a Twitlonger released earlier today, Team oNe coach Matheus "budega" Figueiredo has announced that the roster has left the organisation. He and all the players are now free agents, and are looking for a new organisation for representation.

As of today, all of the ex-Team One roster are free agents.

We are looking for an organization to represent us in the next BR6 season and enter on the R6 pilot program.

Any team that wishes to contact us, please contact TyTangles our agent.

Our team deck full of team information and accolades is available upon request.

I know this might leave you to some questions whether why, but our attorney advised us not to comment further on the situation involving Team One.

Matheus "budega" Figueiredo

The news itself is innocuous enough, save for a comment at the end stating that an explanation will not be forthcoming under advisement of their attorney regarding "the situation" involving the organisation.

Team oNe finished Season 11 of the Pro League in dead last, a far cry from their third-place position in Season 10. This time around, the team could only win two games and draw five, thus finishing with 11 points. However, some blame can be laid at the feet of roster changes creating additional volatility in the team, thanks to Felipe "FelipoX" De Lucia joining the team at the start of the season in place of Luiz "SKaDinha" Vinicius -- who returned to the team in the middle of the season in place of Renato "rhZ" Costa.

Team oNe captain, reduct, at DreamHack Valencia 2019.

While a disappointing result, Team oNe will still be continuing on in the new format of competitive Rainbow Six. With the Brazilian division in Latin America set to be comprised of the BR6 2020 teams, this means that the team's position is guaranteed for the future. As such, the players will be looking for a new organisation to represent and enter the pilot program.

In what is somewhat of a saving grace, the Brazil division will not require the team to have an organisation to play in the new format. As such, even if the Team oNe roster fails to secure a new organisation, all it would lose would be a chance to be part of the pilot program.

It is, however, wholly unclear as to whether the involvement of the attorney is due to a pay dispute, roster interference, or other possible contractual breaches. As such, speculation is sure to abound but details will likely come to light over the coming days and weeks.

Keep an eye here at SiegeGG for more news regarding the situation between Team oNe and its now former players, with this article set to be updated as new information is revealed.