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Number 6 Player of Year 4: AceeZ

AceeZ led the way for Rogue through his team's ups and downs this year, and earns a spot in the top ten!

Number 6 Player of Year 4: AceeZ

Individually, AceeZ has had one of the best years out of any player in the Rainbow Six scene. Unfortunately for him, it has not led to much team success to go along with it. Rogue's (formerly Giants Gaming, LFO, and LeStream) year has been plagued by tremendous successes online followed by disappointment at LAN. Despite this, the German phenom always stood out in the team's ups and downs, earning his spot on the top ten list. 

A large theme of the year for Aceez's teams has been first-round exits at big events. There were three instances of this occurring, at both Pro League Finals (Seasons 9 and 10) as well as the Six Invitational. At the final big event of the year, the Raleigh Major, AceeZ was able to advance to the quarterfinals before falling to forZe. Still, the team was more successful in smaller tournaments, winning the 6 French League by beating Vitality in the grand final, as well as reaching the final match of both the DreamHack Valencia and Allied Esports Minors. 

AceeZ with Giants Gaming after winning the 6 French League Finals

Despite this mixed bag of results, AceeZ was still undoubtedly one of the best players of the year. He reached the top five in many statistical categories and was a force in the server for his team.

Here are each of AceeZ's performances this year:

Tournament Rating K-D (+/-) Misc.
PL S9 EU 1.20 140-96 (+44) 58% Headshots
S9 Finals 1.02 19-17 (+2) Maverick/Lesion Main
Allied Minor 1.20 140-97 (+43) 4 1vX Clutches
DH Valencia* 1.12 72-58 (+14) 70% KOST
Raleigh Major 0.95 57-59 (-2) 34% Survival
PL S10 EU 1.17 125-91 (+34) 4 1vX Clutches
S10 Finals 1.36 45-30 (+15) 14-1 OK-OD
PL S11a EU 1.30 84-53 (+31) 71% KOST
SI 2020 1.18 53-38 (+15) 1.06 KPR

*Only partial stats due to off-stream games.

AceeZ at the Six Invitational

We also had a chance to speak with AceeZ about his performance this year:

Your year has been great individually but as a team, you’ve struggled. In multiple tough team losses, you’ve still had exemplary performances. What is your mentality like in these situations and is it hard to deal with after the fact?

I still focus on playing well and trying to interact with my Teammates as they are used to. It's always hard to lose, but you should always learn from losing.

You’ve experienced the most organizational turnover out of any top player this year. Do you think this has hurt your performance, and do you think things will stabilize now with Rogue?

I don't think it hurts our performance changing Org so often. We have a great Support Stuff taking the weight off our Shoulders. Rogue is helping us a lot, they will provide a Mental Coach, and we can Bootcamp a lot.

How are you feeling about the future of Siege as an esport?

I'm really excited about the new Points System and can't wait for Faceit Pro League Season.

What are you going to work on to improve your success next year?

We are planning on getting a Mental Coach to help us improve on LAN. I think the Mental Coach will help us with many things, like for example being more focused, help us to control the situation more, not freezing up on LAN. I'm pretty confident he will be able to help us to get further and further on LAN. Because we realized it's more like a Mental Problem than a Skill problem. I'm 100% sure we’ve got the skill to win LANs.

Is there anything you would like to say to your fans and the wider Siege community?

Thanks for the great Support. An even Bigger Thanks to our #RogueNation.


You can also watch AceeZ's best plays of the year in the fragmovie below:


Stay tuned for more of the top ten players, you can check out the full list in the awards hub and make sure to let us know what you think about each one on social media!