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Year 4 Community Member of the Year: Get_Flanked

With YouTube interviews, multiple podcasts, and social media work, Get_Flanked has been key in sharing esports with the casual community.

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The Rainbow Six community has so many outstanding members within both the esports and the casual spheres that are worthy of recognition. The one that represents the biggest bridge between the two often-adverse groups is Get_Flanked. 

He was one of the pioneers of a mainstream content creator coming into the esports space with his "The Pro and the Potato" interview series. It represents some of the best long-form content that exists for a competitively-minded audience. In the series, he takes a deep dive into a pro player's career, mentality, and recent successes. With it he can capture a side of these players that cannot be seen in many other mediums, humanizing them and giving fans a window into the lives of esports athletes. 

Additionally, Flanked was instrumental in the creation of some of the most popular Siege podcasts. First was the "Hot Breach Podcast" which he hosted alongside Prodigio Pete and Rogue9. After some changes, the "Logic Bomb Podcast" replaced it, with an even more esports-focused theme. Longtime desk analyst Z1ronic joins Prodigio Pete as the new hosting team alongside Get Flanked. These podcasts are widely viewed by both the casual and competitive communities and serve as a great way to introduce new fans to Siege esports. 

The inaugural episode of Logic Bomb

Furthermore, Get Flanked has taken on larger roles in the esports world after signing as a content creator and social media specialist for Darkzero Esports. He has helped get a brand new organization off the ground and allowed it to become one of the most popular up-and-coming orgs in Rainbow Six. 


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