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SiegeGG US Nationals 2019 MVP: Fultz

After a dominating Finals which saw Spacestation take the title of Team USA without dropping a map, Fultz has been named the SiegeGG MVP on his 19th birthday.

Alec "Fultz" Fultz, the top fragger for Spacestation Gaming, has been crowned the SiegeGG MVP following his team’s victory at the US Nationals Finals in Las Vegas this weekend.

Fultz during day two of the event

Similar to last weekend's OGA Pit Minor MVP, Paluh, Fultz is a very new player to competitive R6 with him beginning his high-level career earlier this year. After joining the promising roster of Organised Chaos alongside Merc and GurmyWurmy for the Season 9 Challenger League qualifiers, this team very quickly became a standout in the region. While the team's performance fell off in the second half of the season, a 1.37k/d on Thatcher and Valkyrie from Fultz meant he was noticed by the Pro League team of Spacestation Gaming and picked up ahead of Season 10.

In the few months after this pick-up, SSG attended three LAN events -- the Allied Minor, Raleigh Major and DreamHack Montreal -- finishing in joint fifth place in each. Since September however, and with the pickup of Troy "Canadian" Jaroslawski, SSG saw a notable jump in performance finishing last week's OGA Pit Minor in second place behind just Team Liquid before achieving another amazing performance this weekend at the US Nationals.

Canadian at the OGA Pit Minor 

Spacestation began their weekend against their fellow title favourites of DarkZero in the second match of the tournament in which they stormed through their opposition’s map of Coastline before SSG came from behind to take map two all the way to round 15 where Bosco won a 1v3 to win the game. Next up came the recently relegated team of the Susquehanna Soniqs who put up much less of a fight. Map one saw SSG take a commanding 5-1 lead of their own before the ending it after a very brief comeback from the Soniqs, 7-3, before after a tight first half of map two, a botched rush attempt made the difference as SSG took the map, 7-5 and set up a grand-final against Team Reciprocity.

While highly anticipated, this matchup ended as one of the most one-sided best-of-fives on record as Spacestation looks unstoppable. The team took maps one and two with almost no answer from Rec in 7-2, 7-3 scorelines pushing us on to Bank as SSG started to eye-ing up the massive USN trophy. Bank, however, was much closer with a number of failed defensive rounds from SSG allowing Rec to claw back into the game even after Spacestation went onto title point. The map was pushed into overtime as it looked like we may finally have had a game to watch however two remarkable rounds including a rush into the site with 20 seconds remaining took the map for SSG giving them the title!

Spacestation Gaming with their USN trophies.

Throughout the event, Fultz and Bosco eventually ended with the top ratings of any grand-finalists at 1.19 and 1.18 behind nvK, Achieved and SlebbeN at 1.2, 1.21 and 1.22. As well as this, Fultz achieved the top kill/death spread and k/d of any player putting himself as the best fragger at the event on the operators of Zofia and Maestro while achieving the sixth best KOST of the tournament at 0.70. Due to this, he has been awarded the MVP title of the event and is thus only the second-ever North American to be crowned as such after DreamHack Montreal 2019’s MVP of Beaulo.

Spacestation Gaming's statistics at the event

As well as being crowned the American champions and taking home $65,000 in prize money, this weekend was also special to a number of SSG players with Sunday being Fultz's birthday, this weekend being Lycan and Bosco's graduation day and this being Canadian's first title in the last seven Grand-Finals.


Congratulations to Spacestation for taking the title and to Fultz for his award. You can view all of the weekend’s matches during the event here, see our news coverage of the event here, and watch our highlights of every match on YouTube here!