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Twitch Rivals: Shifting Tides Tournaments with $195,000 on Offer Tonight

With the release of Operation Shifting Tides, tonight will see four tournaments take place offering up almost $200,000 including a number of Rainbow Six pros and streamers.

Twitch Rivals: Shifting Tides Tournaments with $195,000 on Offer Tonight

Games across the four “regions” of North America, EMEA (Europe, the Middle East and Asia), Korea, and Taiwan will take place tonight as pros and streamers play the new free Operation Shifting Tides update in the first competition of the season.

The games which will be streamed on both the twitchrivalsTwitch account and on each player’s own accounts with the following team captains confirmed for the event (teams will be added when confirmed):

North America

  • George "KingGeorge" Kassa - Year 1 PC World Champion with 570k Twitch followers
  • VarsityGaming - 750k subscriber YouTuber

Europe, the Middle East and Africa

  • Piotr “IzakOOO” Skowyrski - 1.2m follower Twitch streamer - playing with Marciu, Alban, Don Pago and Kromka
  • Benjamin "Sixquatre" Leray - French Pro League caster with 85k YouTube subscribers - playing with SUSSULEVRAI, OneShooter, TheWhiteshark and Kitty
  • Yeray "DriD" González - ex-Pro from Seasons 1-5 with 65k Twitch followers - playing with Scythe, Abichu, Caramela and Muit0

South Korea

The full list of participants can be seen below with these two being the best known involved:

  • Silphtv - 250k follower Twitch streamer
  • Tranth - 75k subscriber YouTuber
The full lineup of players via @rainbow6kr

The games will be cast by Inyeong "SummerRain" Kim, the ex-coach of Cloud9 and primary Korean-language caster, on the separate channel of twitchrivals_kr 


  • Wei "Xargon0731" Chang - ex-professional CS:GO and current Overwatch player with 270k Twitch followers
  • Ko0416 - 100k subscriber Twitch streamer

In total $195,000 will be to play for split between the sub-regions in what amounts to the fifth-biggest prizepool of any tournament this year. As of now the split for each game is unknown however, EMEA’s pool has been confirmed to be $75,000.

The day’s timings via @TwitchEsports

Games will kick-off at the following times in each region:

  • Taiwan and Korea: 2 AM PT / 11 AM CEST
  • EMEA: 10 AM PT / 7 PM CEST
  • North America: 2 PM PT / 11 PM CEST

Previously, for the launch of Operation Ember Rise, a similar Twitch Rivals Showdown was run with a $150,000 prize pool with Teams ZironicDK, BikiniBodhi, Fooya, and KingGeorge each taking home the maximum winnings of $20,000. 

Velly and BLU at the last Twitch Rivals R6 Showdown via @WavePunkRL 


For more information on this and upcoming tournaments, keep an eye out here at SiegeGG for news, statistics, and more.