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Luminosity Gaming Acquires ‘92 Dream Team Roster

The Canadian organisation of Luminosity Gaming, best known for their Counter-Strike team, has signed the newly promoted Pro League team of ‘92 Dream Team a week into Season 10.

‘92 Dream Team was formed initially just before the Invitational qualifiers five months ago and immediately made a name for themselves by knocking out Elephant Gang (now known as the Susquehanna Soniqs) and making a show of their matchup against DarkZero Esports on stream.

Since then, they have risen quite quickly from a random one-hit wonder team to a serious tier-one roster as they qualified for the Challenger League for Season 9, made it to the playoffs, and then defeated the two favourites of Organised Chaos and the Susquehanna Soniqs once again to be automatically invited to the Pro League for this season.

With two games played so far, they are currently the only undefeated team in the North American region of the Pro League, having defeated Team SoloMid 7-4 and DarkZero, the second-seeded team in the region, 7-1. While many people expected the team to be strong, very few expected them to be playing at this level so early on, especially after making a roster change after Muteeb "PiXeL" Chaudary joined the roster a week ago to replace Adam "Drip" Kolodkin.

The current NA Pro League standings after two playdays via the SiegeGG standings page

Briefly signed by Vicious Gaming, the players had left the organisation fairly quickly in search of a better one, all the while improving their level of play. This high-level of performance has now been rewarded, as the last 'org-less' roster in the three main regions of the Pro League has been picked up by Luminosity Gaming:

Luminosity Gaming (LG) was founded in Toronto, Ontario in 2015 and has since been involved in a number of esports. They initially entered the CS:GO scene with the acquisition of a mixed American/Swedish roster that qualified for the $250,000 Pro League Season 1 LAN Finals in Cologne before they picked up the Brazilian squad now known as MIBR. Led by Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo, this roster won around $1 million in prize money in less than a year as they won both the MLG Major Columbus event and Season 3 of the Pro League in 2016. Since then, the organisation has had a number of smaller Brazilian lineups, with the current team playing in the $600,000 Pro League Season 9 Finals this weekend.

The most well known Luminosity lineup at DreamHack Open Cluj-Napoca 2015. From left to right: FalleN, steel, coldzera, boltz, and fer.

They followed this by entering the Hearthstone scene with player pickups including Fr0zen, who finished second in the $250,000 2017 Winter Championship, before making an entry into Overwatch. While their own team did find some success of its own, that team has since disbanded, with the organisation now running the Overwatch League team Vancouver Titans, who currently sit atop of the 2019 Overwatch League Regular Season standings with an 18-0 win-loss record and ten games remaining.

The Vancouver Titans team uniform

Aside from this, Luminosity also holds rosters in games such as Fortnite, Call of Duty, Smite, and Madden, with the latter including the player of Eric "Problem" Wright -- widely considered to be the greatest Madden player of all time after becoming the only 3-time winner of the Madden Challenge. The organisation now adds Rainbow Six: Siege to this list of games as they hope ‘92 Dream Team can offer them the level of success seen by their other rosters.

SiegeGG spoke to Luminosity’s Tom “Tomas” Kaka to ask him how he and his team feel about finally being picked up:

What's it like joining Luminosity Gaming?

Joining Luminosity is a dream come true, from meeting the people behind it and knowing that they actually care about the players more than anything else is amazing.

What made Luminosity stand out from other offers?

The reason why we chose Luminosity over others is that they believed and supported us and they gave us a chance.

Next week your team plays the second placed team in the league, Team Reciprocity, how are you preparing for this game?

Going into next week with our match with Reciprocity, we will take it like any other game, round by round. Of course we will prep for it because their play style does differentiate from other teams. Either way it will be a fun game for both teams.

Luminosity Gaming’s debut in R6 will be against the Susquehanna Soniqs once again in the Pro League on Monday, with a huge game against Team Reciprocity on Wednesday. If they can win these two games -- especially the latter one -- they’ll become a strong contender to qualify to the Pro League Finals in November.


To learn more about this team check out our interview with them from earlier this month right here and keep up with their upcoming games right here at SiegeGG!

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