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EU Transfers: Latest Updates - Post Season 9

UPDATE: Mousesports roster leaves org, returns to GiFu

As SiegeGG’s hub for all roster changes in the transfer window between Season 9 and 10 of the Pro League, this page will be regularly updated with the latest transfer news. Check back here to keep up to date with all upcoming changes in the European region and keep up to date with the other three regions on the NAAPAC and LATAM threads.

Summary of Changes So Far

G2 Esports - UUNO replaces jNSkzi

LeStream Esports - UUNO leaves, Korey joins

Natus Vincere - Korey leaves, roster dropped by organisation, Eastwood joins

Mousesports - Willkey leaves, JNSzki joins, roster leaves org

MnM Gaming - Roster joins Natus Vincere

Team Secret - Ferral replaces sTiZze 

Roster Changes

July 1st: Mousesports Roster Leaves Org, Returns to GiFu

The Finnish majority roster of mousesports has parted ways with their organisation just a day after the exit of LeStream Esports. The roster will play under their original name of GiFu eSports until they are picked up by a new organisation.

This roster has been in the high level of European region since year 1 when they were known as GiFu with them attending the first six Pro League Finals as well as the first two Majors with them being crowned the Season 6 champions. Since then they were relegated to the Challenger League and then made it back to the Pro League before being picked up by their most recent organisation - mousesports.

Now, as the roster currently sits in the last place in the European Pro League after four games, the roster and organisation has parted ways to become the second orgless roster in Europe alongside the ex-LeStream Esports lineup. We will next see them play on July 12th against Team Empire followed by a game against Chaos two weeks today.

June 12th: JNSzki Joins Mousesports

The ex-G2 Esports player of Joonas "jNSzki" Savolainen has rejoined the Finnish majority roster of mousesports to replace their outgoing player of Niklas "Willkey" Ojalainen.

Joonas began his R6 career on GiFu eSports alongside the players of Willkey and Bounssi back in Season 1 of the Pro League in which the roster fell to PENTA Sports in the grand-final. Joonas then joined Fabian and Pengu in PENTA for Season 3 with Goga joining for Season 4 leading to the most dominant run we have ever seen by an R6 team. PENTA, now known as G2 Esports, has since won three Pro League titles and three Major titles with this core lineup, however, following a very disappointing season for the roster they have now opted to break up the quartet by replacing Joonas with UUNO.

This winning streak therefore makes Joonas one of the most successful players in R6 history which is skill and experience he will now be providing to mousesports, the descendants of his initial roster, GiFu. Mouz ended last season a single point outside of the relegation zone and two points off of automatic relegation making this pickup a crucial one for the team’s hopes going forward. The team’s next game will be when the Pro League restarts in Season 10 where we will see Joonas and Bounssi play together for the first time since July 2016.

June 10th: Eastwood Joins OrgLess

After having lost Lukas "Korey" Zwingmann to LeStream Esport and their organisation, Natus Vincere, after being relegated from the Pro League, OrgLess has picked up Eastwood to complete the roster.

Eastwood previously played on the Benelux team ForeignFive, and his departure from the team five days ago is just before ESL Benelux Finals later this month. Despite being Dutch, unlike his new German teammates, he is likely to be a good addition to OrgLess nonetheless. With not much to do as of yet for the now-Challenger League squad, fans of the roster will no doubt be waiting to see their new team in action once the Six Major Raleigh qualifiers get underway.

June 3rd: Ferral Replaces sTiZze on Team Secret

Following a disappointing Season for Team Secret which saw them get demoted from the Pro League, Team Secret has elected to replace the outgoing player of David "sTiZze" de Castro with their previous player from “i don’t know” (IDK) and ex-analyst of G2 Esports, Daniel "Ferral" Rotheram.

After a short stint on Barrage eSports, sTiZze was a part of the Millenium roster for the most of Year 2 winning two French national events -- Gamers Assembly 2017 and the 6Cup 2017 -- as well as making it to the Pro League Season 5 LAN Finals at Gamescom where they fell to Team Fontt (now known as FaZe Clan) in the first round. Following his departure from this team he joined the roster of IDK as they played their way through to winning the Challenger League for Season 7, Dreamhack Valencia 2018 and ESL Premiership Winter season as well as finishing joint third at the Paris Major. Recently, however, their luck turned as they failed to make it to the 2019 Six Invitational, and was relegated from the Pro League following a loss to Team Vitality. He now leaves this roster for personal reasons after a fairly successful history in the game.

Replacing him sees the return of one the ex-players and analyst of Team Secret in Ferral. Ferral began his career playing for IDK, helping them to qualify for the Challenger League before he moved to a coaching position on the roster. From here he caught the eye of G2 Esports, then known as PENTA Sports, joining them as an analyst for eight months helping them win the Paris Major and Season 8 of the Pro League. He now rejoins the lineup in advance of the Vegas Minor event in just over a week’s time.

Team Secret’s first game with Ferral will be against the Susquehanna Soniqs on Friday as the Allied Esports Vegas Minor kicks off.

June 1st: Natus Vincere Acquires MnM Gaming Roster

After dropping their Season 8 German roster just two days prior, Natus Vincere has acquired the newly promoted British majority lineup of MnM Gaming in the leadup to Season 10 of the Pro League. Our full coverage of this story, including comments from Jack "Doki" Robertson, can be found here!

May 31st: Willkey Leaves Mousesports

Team captain Niklas "Willkey" Ojalainen has left mousesports after a long career with the one team following victories in the Pro League and multiple Nordic regional events.

Willkey played in every single Pro League Finals from Seasons 1 to 6 with his most successful being his first and last, where he finished in second on GiFu and finally won the Pro League title under ENCE eSports, respectively. Aside from this, within this period he also attended both the 2017 and 2018 Six Invitational and was crowned the Nordic champions on two separate occasions.

This period of success finally came to an end in Season 7, however, as the reigning Pro League champions were demoted to the Challenger League after a surprise loss to Supremacy in the relegation matchup. Since this result, Willkey has managed to make it back to the Pro League after a second-place finish in Season 8 of the Challenger League. Soon after, his team was picked up by mousesports for Season 9 of the Pro League, in which he ended in sixth place in Europe.

He now leaves this lineup to "look for opportunities with other Pro League teams" after being with them since Season 1 and sticking with them as it underwent many player and organisation changes from GiFu eSports to ENCE eSports and to mousesports. Mousesports, however, will be looking for a new player ahead of their Season 10 appearance in a few weeks with Willkey's ex-teammate and the ex-G2 player of Joonas "jNSzki" Savolainen heavily rumoured to be filling the role.

May 30th: Natus Vincere Roster Dropped By Organisation

Following their demotion to the Challenger League and the departure of Lukas “Korey” Zwingmann to LeStream Esports, the most successful German roster in R6 history has been dropped. The organisation will continue on in Rainbow Six, though, with the new roster to be announced in early June.

Known under the names of Mysterious Monkeys, 1UPeSport, OrgLess, Mock-it Esports and, most recently, Natus Vincere (Na'Vi) this roster has been in the Pro League since Season 6 and has attended all three Majors since as well as the Season 8 Pro League Finals. However, after being automatically demoted to the Challenger League this season, the two-time German champions have been dropped, leaving them searching for a new organisation for Season 10 of the Challenger League.

May 30th: Korey Joins LeStream

After losing Aleksi "UUNO" Työppönen to world champions G2 Esports, LeStream Esport has signed Lukas “Korey” Zwingmann from Natus Vincere to fill the gap. The full coverage of this story including comments from Korey can be found here!

May 27th: G2 Esports Replaces jNSkzi With UUNO

After a disappointing Pro League season by their own admission, G2 Esports has decided to drop long-time player Joonas "jNSzki" Savolainen and sign Aleksi "UUNO" Työppönen from LeStream Esport as their newest member. Check out our full coverage of this change right here for more information as well as comments from both Shas and UUNO.


And so that's every change within the European region of the Pro League so far in this transfer period. Check back here for more updates over the coming days.