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Future Esports Masters: Day 4 — Grand Finals

Catch up on what happened in the grand final game that was held on Day 4 of the Future Esports Masters.

Today, the Future Esports Masters reached their exciting conclusion! The MENA region tournament looking to draw attention to the unnoticed competitive scene saw eight teams duke it out in the quarter-finals on days one and two. After an impressive showing by the Osh-Tekk Warriors (OTK) on day one and StimulusES on day two, we saw the Warriors continue to outplay their opponents with a second decisive win, while Stimulus fell to underdog team TheUltimates (TU), who had beaten fan favourite team Tuwaiq eSports in the quarter-finals. This has set the stage for the best display of skill the MENA region has to offer: the aggressive, dominating Osh-Tekk Warriors versus TheUltimates, a team no one saw coming.

Osh-Tekk Warriors 2 - 1 TheUltimates

Our first map of the day was Oregon, as chosen by the Warriors. OTK opted to ban Thermite and Jager, while TheUltimates settled on the more classic vetoes of Mira and Blitz. With Oregon being the Warriors' map choice, no one could have expected the breakout performance of TheUltimates. TU clawed their way to a win round after round on defence. It was round five before OTK could pull themselves back, managing to switch sides on their own map down two points.

The second half, however, was a different story. After bringing the team back together to secure two wins before the half switch, the Osh-Tekk Warriors kept the streak going by not only tying the score but taking the lead on round nine after three more consecutive round wins, for a total of five unbroken rounds. TheUltimates fired back with a round of their own and alternated to bring us into overtime. At the end of the day, the Osh-Tekk Warriors demonstrated why they chose Oregon and skillfully won both overtime rounds to close out map one.

Osh-Tekk Warriors 8 - 6 TheUltimates

The second map was Border and TU's pick. Similarly to Oregon and the Warriors, TheUltimates was expected to win this map since they picked it. On the contrary, the first sign of trouble was when Osh-Tekk Warriors took round one. TheUltimates fought to win a round back, but it was immediately returned by Osh-Tekk with a second win. This continued to the half when sides switched with the score tied.

In the second half, TheUltimates secured a lead on round nine, and carried that momentum across the finish line, winning map two while only losing one more round. With each team winning their respective maps, we go to the third map: Clubhouse.

TheUltimates 7 - 5 Osh-Tekk Warriors

After an impressive run through both the unstreamed qualifiers and the streamed tournament, the Osh-Tekk Warriors put on a display of cohesion, communication, and competitive spirit to win every round of their initial defending half. When a team gets to pick the map, it's understandable to lose when the other team is on their home turf, but when the playing field is level, the Osh-Tekk Warriors demonstrate a noteworthy level of game knowledge, closing out the final map 7-0.

Osh-Tekk Warriors 7 - 0 TheUltimates

Congratulations to the Osh-Tekk Warriors!


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