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APAC Transfers: Latest Updates

LATEST: [JP] Tetra leaves CAG after contract lapses.

APAC Transfers: Latest Updates

As SiegeGG’s hub for all roster changes in the transfer window between Season 9 and 10 of the Pro League, this page will be regularly updated with the latest transfer news. Check back here to keep up to date with all upcoming changes and previous changes during the break.

Summary of Changes So Far


Ageless - CATSang leaves, Mikelate moves to playing role, and Hybrid and Meg join


Cyclops Athlete Gaming - Tetra leaves after contract lapses

Roster Changes

May 17th: [JP] Tetra Leaves CAG After Contract Lapses

Shuya "Tetra" Abe has left Cyclops Athlete Gaming after his contract lapsed. Tetra was not a particularly incisive player as far as statistics went, but he was a key part of CAG in getting them to within one point of Japanese titans NORA-Rengo in Season 9 and sending them to the APAC Finals. While they were unable to win their game against Fnatic, they did get to within one round of pushing both maps to overtime.

May 9th: [KR] Ageless Player Leaves, Two Coaches Added

After their debut appearance at an APAC Finals, South Korean side Ageless has moved quickly to solidify their second-best status in their region -- or to maybe even challenge Cloud9 for first.

When Sewoong "CATsang" Heo, arguably the most experienced player on the team, announced that he was leaving the team for undisclosed reasons, Ageless wasted no time in filling the gap. Team manager and coach Seunghyeon "Mikelate" Ryu immediately returned to his playing days for the team, however, his movement left the team without a coach or analyst.

However, Ageless had things all lined up, and added not one but two coaches to their side -- Riccardo "Hybrid" Massimino Font and Meg. While Hybrid is essentially new to playing or coaching a competitive team, Meg is sure to be a sizeable boost to the team. Her credentials speak for themselves, having been a coach for the Season 4 North American team eXcellence Gaming, ANZ side Athletico Esports, and European side The Swedes (now Chaos). However, with both new coaches being non-Korean, it remains to be seen how the team handles the language barrier that are sure to present themselves.

In Season 9 of the Pro League, Ageless finished in second place in the Korean Pro League, winning both games against the third team in the league but losing twice to Cloud9. In the Six Challenge Korea, their efforts were less successful after they were knocked out in the Quarter-Finals. However, they impressed at the APAC Finals, going one round away from beating NORA-Rengo on the first match, though inexperience saw them unable to finish the job.

With these changes, Ageless will look to leverage their existing strengths in Fah0N and yass, and supplement them with their new coach signings.