The Farming Fnatic: Dizzle Goes Pro

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Ex-player and Rainbow Six Siege coach for Fnatic, Jayden "Dizzle" Saunders, has announced that he will be pursuing a professional Farming Simulator League career alongside his coaching responsibilities at Fnatic.

In a surprise move, Jayden “Dizzle” Saunders has announced that he will be joining the Farming Simulator League as a professional player. SiegeGG secured the exclusive release of this news a few days prior, and was able to ask Dizzle on the reasoning behind this change of pace, and how he feels about it.

I am deeply excited to return to my roots. A lot of people may not know, but my family comes from farming, and still do to this day. I come from a few thousand acres with a hay and lucerne background. We also ran several hundred heads of cattle. We grew, harvested, and loaded it all. I have plenty of tractor experience and loved the old Massey Ferguson (agricultural equipment manufacturer). I am looking forward to the new challenge of competing again in a different title whilst still managing and coaching the R6 team.

Interestingly enough, he also shared that he would have little problem keeping up with the challenges presented by going pro in another game, while still remaining as the sole coach for the Rainbow Six team.

Dizzle when playing for Mindfreak in Year 1

However, his reasoning behind joining the Farmer Simulation League (FSL) has no holes, given that the wealth of experience he collected in real life will presumably be enough to allow him to remain competitive against other players. Still, the announcement comes at a slightly awkward time, with the Rainbow Six Season 9 Pro League APAC LAN just under two weeks away.

The decision to go against the grain and pursue a competitive career once more in FSL is definitely a bold one, but could clear the land for other Rainbow Six professionals to follow in his tracks. As explained in an earlier article, both Rainbow Six: Siege and Farming Simulator have a lot in common, and for individuals such as Dizzle, there is little difficulty to switch over.

The FSL is also no joke, as ridiculous as it may sound. Statistics show that it is one of the top 20 played PC games in North America and Europe, and the game has a community older than even that of Rainbow Six: Siege. One of the key differences between the two, though, is that Farming Simulator is a single-player only game. This also plays into the hands of Dizzle, as much of his practice will not be disruptive to his schedules for Fnatic in the Rainbow Six Pro League.

A tractor pulling competition

Real-world farming competitions are also extremely common as well, and Dizzle presumably is well experienced in more than a few during his time as a farmer. For example, seeding contests are popular in the United States, while tractor pulling is more popular in Germany and Australia. With the popularity of the real-world competitions taken into context with the game’s popularity, it naturally follows that there is demand for something like the FSL.

The team behind SiegeGG will be providing full coverage for the FSL through the upcoming FarmSimGG. Check out our full coverage of the world of competitive farming at the @FarmSim_GG Twitter account to ensure you don’t miss out on the biggest gaming events of the year, and to follow Dizzle on his journey starting today, the 1st of April, and beyond.