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EUL Week 1 Key Takeaways: Rogue have sneaky-good week, G2 live up to hype, Sloth impresses statistically

Week 1 of the European League was thrilling, here are the key takeaways.

Image via Ubisoft/@itsmeERROR

The first week of the European Leauge has concluded, and there was an appropriate amount of drama. We saw a lot of bank, the G2 project start strong, and LFO pick up a key win. Here are all the biggest takeaways from the first week of EUL action. 

Revamped G2 starts strong

If you were expecting G2 to take a bit of time to gel, think again. Their week one victories weren’t terribly impressive, but two regulation victories for six total points (including one over Rogue, a top-four predicted team) is a definite strong start. Any lingering questions about whether G2 would fall flat on their faces or not are over now. They’re probably a solid team. 

However, there are still questions about the rest of the schedule. Matches with HEROIC, LFO, and BDS loom large in the future. Outsiders aren’t bad as well. It’s too early to determine whether G2 are a true super-team, but this week’s results are a good start. 

Pay attention to Rogue’s start — it’s very good

It’s difficult to predict how regional leagues will go. Rogue appear to have downgraded a bit on paper following Kevin “Prano” Pranowitz’s departure to G2 — not many expected the roster to perform as well as they have. 

They aren’t perfect, far from it, but let’s be clear: taking G2 to regulation match point and beating BDS in overtime is an excellent result. On paper, they still have every “easy” win in front of them, and are now past two of the top half of the league. 

Look: Rogue have a chance to once again punch above their weight. For the past six months, they’ve consistently been doing this, no matter the formation of their roster. 

Slow and steady, right Sloth?

So, who had the best week in EUL, statistically? Was it new Frenchman Dahmani “Mowwwgli” Yanis? No. 2 SiegeGG Player of 2021 Karl “Alem4o” Zarth? Nope! 

It was HEROIC’s Jake “Sloth” Brown. 

Sloth was the top-rated player across both playdays, had the league’s highest KOST percentage, and had the best kill to death ratio to boot. New HEROIC is looking strong, and the addition of Aleksi “UUNO” Työppönen might have finally unlocked the potential of the old cowana roster. 

The EUL will return on April 4, 2022.