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EUL Playday 8 matches hold a slim chance for EUL to confirm all four Charlotte Major attendees

The final EUL playday might only be for bragging rights. Here's how that could happen.

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Monday’s matches herald the chance for more EUL teams to qualify for the Charlotte Major. If one result bends a certain way, the field could be set well before the final playday.

The first match of the day, PWNZ vs. BDS, will tell us exactly how many teams will confirm spots at the Charlotte Major.

Three teams currently sit at 13 points: Looking For Org, G2, and Rogue. BDS is in fifth with 12, Outsiders are sitting at nine.

If PWNZ can upset BDS in regulation time, Every team at 13 points can lock their spot in with a regulation win – if Rogue can beat Outsiders in regulation. BDS can only realistically get three more points on the final day, which means they could get locked out of the Major with a regulation loss.

Outsiders are the only other team close enough to have a realistic shot. The victor of the MNM-NAVI match will be still in the running as well, but will not control their own destiny. However, the match could end up not mattering, as LFO, G2, and Rogue can qualify for the Major before MNM and NAVI hit the server.

So, if these two results happen, a regulation win would confirm G2 and LFO. G2 play Team Secret, while LFO play already qualified league leaders Heroic.

There’s a chance, however slim, that the entire Major field could be locked in and render the final playday of the stage a much less dramatic day than it would have been.

If BDS wins, the proverbial game is on for the final playday, regardless of the Rogue-Outsiders result. Both results need to be regulation wins for PWNZ and Rogue, respectively, to trigger the “useless day” timeline.

If not, teams will have to set up for the final day – which could feature a pair of titanic matchups. BDS vs. G2 could end up being a “win-and-in” game, and Heroic vs. Rogue will be a great game, even if there are no Major qualification implications. Additionally, the winner of the MNM-NAVI match could have an outside shot at qualification, but they’ll need some help.

Only one team is currently confirmed in for the Charlotte Major. Heroic sits at 18 points and cannot be topped, while there are four teams currently vying for an outside shot. Secret, NAVI, MNM, and Outsiders are not technically out of the running yet, but all signs point to tomorrow being the last chance for at least two of that group. To boot, every team in that group needs regulation wins – there’s simply too far of a gap in points to allow overtime matches to come through.

The European League’s eighth playday will commence on April 25.

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