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APAC Week 3 Preview: DWG KIA & Talon clash in top two battle, do-or-die time for Chiefs and Dire Wolves

APAC heads to week three.

Banner Image: Ubisoft / Kirill. B

DWG KIA and Talon clash in decisive match for top two

APAC’s action this week starts with what’s possibly the most anticipated match of the day. DWG KIA and Talon Esports, who are currently at the top of the standings, face off in what could be a crucial match for their Berlin Major hopes.

The two best players of the stage in APAC North will play each other in today’s game, with Yoo “yass” Sang-hoon leading the Sweden Major semi-finalists and Kim “Demic” Dae-yeong leading the Talon Esports squad. 

With CYCLOPS athlete gaming facing Fnatic and SANDBOX Gaming playing against Spear Gaming, the loser of this match could fall down to fourth place.

First Fnatic game since Australians'return

It was a special weekend for Fnatic, as the Japanese side finally welcomed the Australians Etienne “Mag” Rousseau and Jayden “Dizzle” Saunders to Japan. 

Despite Mag’s return to the squad being a long-awaited one, he is not slated to play in Stage 2. Nevertheless, having him in Japan alongside the team’s head coach could make a difference for Fnatic. 

Fnatic will face CYCLOPS athlete gaming in today’s play day, a very important match for both sides – Fnatic need the points to avoid relegation, while CAG desperately need the points to qualify for the Berlin Major.

Chiefs and Dire Wolves at critical juncture

It might be just the third week of the stage for the Chiefs and Dire Wolves, but it is already do-or-die for both rosters.
A regulation loss against Gaimin Gladiators on play day one and a first-in-the-season victory for FURY on play day two have left the Chiefs at the bottom of the standings with zero points. 

Meanwhile, Dire Wolves might be in a better spot, but losing to the Chiefs this week could see them fall below the Australians in the standings. 

Invictus Gaming need three points

After a very complicated and sloppy start to the stage for the Invictus Gaming 'super-team', there’s no more room for mistakes. Invictus' matches this stage have all been decided on overtime, but mainly because their own mistakes and failure to  close out rounds. 
If the team wants to be in Berlin, iG must find a solution to their problems. The squad will face Elevate in this week’s APAC South play day, with both teams being two of the favorites to take the two first spots.