Bullet: "We are making huge progress and are ready to surprise everyone"

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In advance of their appearance at the Six Invitationals 2019 next month, we spoke with the Immortal’s roster about their Season 8 Finals performance and their preparation for the upcoming Major

Immortals have previously attended the last two major R6 LANs, the Six Major where they came last in a fairly hard group and the Season 8 Finals in Rio where they went out in the quarter-finals following a loss against G2. This is a notable performance to even qualify for these tournaments as they aren’t in the traditional “big-3” teams of NiP, Liquid and FaZe, however, they still failed to win a game in either of these tournaments, and so to really cement themselves as one of the giants of Latin America they’ll need an impressive showing at the upcoming Six Invitationals.

The Immortals roster via @NovysR6. From left to right, standing to sitting: Bullet, MKing, pX, Novys and cyb3r.

We asked Immortal’s roster exactly how their new players have integrated into the roster and how they are preparing for the biggest event of their esports careers in two weeks time:

First, Can you introduce yourself to us? Secondly, in Rio, your team faced G2, how did you prepare against a team as good as G2?

NovysMy name is Novys and I am the Team Captain for IMT R6 team. We just practised a lot for Rio. We ultimately fell to G2 in the quarter-finals, but we practised a lot and tried some new stuff

How are you preparing for the Six Invitationals?

Cyber:  We’ve already started our preparation to the Invitational as we began to analyze some NA, EU and APAC teams, but we are still primarily focused on Pro League and BR6 so we can stay at the top and later we will be fully focused on Invitational.

The Six Invitational 2019 groups. Immortals can be found in Group B with Rogue, Team Empire and Spacestation Gaming

Shortly after Rio, Bullet1 and MKing replaced yuuk and D1OGO1. How did you come to this decision and how are they fitting into the roster?

pX: I am very happy that I am back into the main roster and of course, we are sad about the departure of our last teammates.

Other than yourselves, which teams do you think will impress in LATAM during Season 9?

pX: In my opinion NIP will have a great performance this season compared to the last one. I am pretty sure they will be top 4 again.

The Latin American standings after six play days

What changes would you make to Rainbow Six Siege?

Bullet: I would add new modes because nowadays there is only ranked and t-hunt, so I would add a mode where you could practice your aim before a Pro League match.

What are your goals for 2019?

MKing: Our main goal as a team is to win a big championship like BR6, PL or a Major. As a player, my main goal is to become one of the best support players in the world.

Immortal’s stats against the Latin American powerhouse of Team Liquid way back in play day 1 of Season 9.

Any messages to your fans?

Bullet: My message to the IMT fans is: continue to support us, we are making huge progress and we are ready to surprise everyone



Immortal’s next game is tonight against FaZe Clan in their final game of the half-Season with their debut game at the Six Invitationals being against Team Empire on February 11th. For exact details on their Invitational games keep an eye out here at SiegeGG and if you wish to learn more about Immortals check out our interview with pX right here!