ESA 2018 Winter Season NA/EU Qualifier Announcement

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ESA's new season offers an increased prize pool for NA, and R6TM Main invitations for top placing NA and EU teams.

What is ESA?

ESA is a league operating in NA and EU dedicated to providing a place for players to grow and improve. They hope to create an intense, competitive environment experience for teams of all skill levels in Rainbow Six Siege.

North America

ESA's North American Rainbow Six Siege league is divided into three series based on each team's placement in qualifiers:

Invite            8 teams, $300 prize pool, top two teams have their players placed into R6TM Main
Contender   8 teams, $50 prize pool
Rival 16 teams

Teams will compete for 1 Invite spot, 1 Contender spot, and 9 Rival spots.


ESA’s European Rainbow Six Siege division is currently only offering qualifiers for its Invite series:

Invite           8 teams, €100 prize pool, top two teams have their players placed into R6TM Main.

Teams will compete for 2 Invite spots.

Qualifier Overview

  • Registration begins November 30th.
  • Registration closes December 7th.
  • All qualifier matches will be BO1, Double Elimination until the finals.
  • A teams performance in qualifiers determines their series placement.
  • Qualifiers for both regions will be held December 9th.
    • North America - 2 pm EST
    • Europe - 2 pm CET
    • Teams must check in between 12:00-12:30 pm EST/CET December 9th.


Other Information:

  • Prize pools are subject to increase based on the number of teams competing.
  • All teams planning to participate in qualifiers are required to be a member of the Discord for the region your team plans to compete in.
  • Last games of the day are required to start by 11 pm EST/CET unless teams agree to start later.
    • Games not started by this time will resume the following day at 8 pm EST/CET.
  • ESA will be restricting Lion from competitive play until further notice.
  • Follow @ESA_SiegeNA on Twitter for more updates.