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LATEST: VertcL Leaves Mousesports.

As SiegeGG’s hub for all roster changes in the North American Pro League, this page will be regularly updated with the latest transfer news. Check back here to keep up to date with all upcoming changes and you can check the LATAM, EU and APAC threads for all other changes since the regular season of Pro League concluded.

Summary of Changes So Far

Obey Alliance - Skys and Bosco leave team, Obey drops roster

Spacestation Gaming - Bosco replaces Bryan

Cloud9 - LaXInG leaves team, LaXInG rejoins team

mousesports - Roster leaves organisation, coach dropped, and VertcL leaves

Roster Changes

7. VertcL Leaves ex-mouz Roster

One of ex-mousesports' key players, VertcL has left the team not long after the roster had announced the split from the organisation. This comes as a significant blow to the team, for VertcL was considered one of the top talents in the roster. He has announced that his departure is for another Pro League team, widely rumoured to be Rogue, but the team's identity is not confirmed as of yet.

6. Mousesports Roster Leaves Organisation, Drops Coach

The mousesports roster of Beastly, vandal, VertcL, Hyper, England and morxzas (their coach) has left the organisation after two seasons under their banner. After acquiring the previous roster of 1nfamy (then known as Bird University) mousesports participated in both Season 7 and season 8 of Pro League, finishing in fifth place both times.

Along with the org announcement came a change to the lineup with morxzas leaving the roster after a year with the team. As seen above this is due to the new organisation being unwilling to pay his salary forcing him to leave the role on the team. This would be a huge blow for the lineup as only a very few serious Pro League teams lack a coach with many rosters including multiple support staff.

5. LaXInG rejoins Cloud9

After leaving the roster for a grand total of four days, Gabriel "LaXInG" Mirelez has rejoined Cloud9 for the forseeable future.

4. Bosco joins SSG, replaces Bryan

After joining the roster during the mid-season transfer period after the Paris Major,  Bryan "Bryan" Agema has already left Spacestation Gaming to be replaced by Dylan "Bosco" Bosco. While on the roster Bryan aided SSG to a fourth-place finish in the North American Pro League, however, achieved an abysmal 0.74 SiegeGG rating, the lowest of any player in NA.

The team will, therefore, be hoping that the addition of one of Obey Alliance's star players, and another alumnus of the Y1 Xbox Invitational Champions, Elevate, will help push SSG up into the top two positions in NA that they held for much of the first half of Season 8.

3. Obey Alliance Drops Roster

After finishing in the last position during Season 8 of the Pro League and being automatically demoted to Challenger League, Obey Alliance has dropped their roster of Bosco, MahMan, Skys, Adam and Benji. This doesn't come as a surprise for many people as many of the players were already saying goodbye to their teammates and with Skys already announcing his intention to leave the team earlier in the week - it is unknown at this time whether the remaining players will stick together and compete through the Challenger League or whether the team will disband similarly to CLG last season.

2. Cloud9 Benches LaXInG, LaXInG Quits

After a fairly promising second half of the season which saw Cloud9 win North America's first international title in 18 months at DreamHack Montreal, the team has decided to drop one of their star players, Gabriel "LaXInG" Mirelez. LaXInG previously, alongside Skys, also won the Y1 Xbox Invitational, made the grand-final in Season 5 and was demoted during Season 7 while on CLG. LaXInG, however, spent this season away from Skys on Cloud9 alongside FoxA, Goddess, Retro, Shlongii and then MarkTheShark.

This move to drop LaXInG comes as a shock to many fans and LaXInG himself as he achieved the second best stats on C9 this season as was seen as a star player of the team - it is unknown who will replace him off yet.

1. Skys Leaves Obey Alliance

After a disappointing season, the ex-Xbox World Champion has left Obey Alliance with an intention to start coaching. Previously, Skys won the Year 1 Xbox Invitational title on Elevate before being picked up by Counter-Logic-Gaming after finishing in second place in season 5. After a number of disappointing results, CLG was then demoted from the Pro League and disbanded in Season 7 leading Skys to join Obey Alliance for Season 8. Now, following Obey's demotion from Pro League, Skys has stated that his career as a player has come to an end.


This article will be updated with changes as they happen, check back here or keep track of updates from SiegeGG’s Twitter account.