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Oba Leaves UniqueMonster, Team Disbands [Updated]

The Southeast Asian team disbanded two weeks before Season 8 of the Pro League began.

Oba Leaves UniqueMonster, Team Disbands [Updated]

UPDATE - The team UniqueMonster has since disbanded the roster and so will not be taking part in Season 8 of Pro League or the Paris Major qualifiers. A playoff will now be needed before the season begins to find an eighth team in the league.


Original Article - UniqueMonster achieved the most success in the region’s very first Pro League season in Season 6. Here, the team qualified 2nd in the SEA sub-region behind Tyde (most recently known as CryptiK) before being knocked out of the APAC Finals in the quarter-finals by mantis FPS (now known as Element Mystic). Since then, uM finished 3rd in SEA during Season 7 of Pro League and 2nd during the SEA Six Invitational Qualifier, both times being 1 place out of the required qualification spot.

The UniqueMonster roster consisted of a core of Oba, Hyper, and OMGbbq with WilsoN and ChangTong joining the team last for the Six Invitational 2018. This will be the first time since Season 6 Oba has not been in the starting roster which, as a co-captain alongside ChangTong, is bound to hurt the team going forward.

The team will now be looking for a replacement 5th player before Season 8 of Pro League kicks off on the 13th of June.