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Rainbow Six Extraction new game mode Wall-to-Wall brings on more Archaeans

New week, new weekly Extraction assignment.

Rainbow Six Extraction's last week challenge was a hard pill to swallow. In Rainbow Six Extraction Veteran mode, players would lose a tone of bullets for reloading when the magazine was still full. If you are one of those players that reload after destroying a camera, you would have hated Veteran. 

It is now time for a brand-new game mode called Wall-to-Wall. Let's have a look at it!

What is Rainbow Six Extraction's weekly challenge Wall-to-Wall?

As with every other weekly challenge, Wall-to-Wall is a Critical assignment. For the ones that don't know, Critical is the highest threat level — this means worst Archaeans will pop up to stop you from completing the assignment. 

According to the assignment description: "In this assignment REACT must stabilize the Parasite during an abnormal stress phase. To progress between Sub-Zones, Airlocks need to be unlocked during Security Stations."

Each incursion includes two objectives that operators will have to complete. The objectives you must complete require you to stand still in a small area for a brief period of time. With a high number of Archaeans trying to stop you, communication and strong weapons are a must. 

How to win Wall-to-Wall game mode in R6 Extraction

Considering the high number of Archaeans on the battlefield, you must bring operators such as Capitão, Finka, or Fuze that can help you in dealing with them. Explosives like C4's or impacts are also welcomed, as these will help you at getting rid of Archaeans. 

You also must ration your bullets — you don't want to find yourself in a magazine issue in the middle of a herd of Archaeans. 

Most importantly, you must read between lines. Sometimes Archaeans are too strong (and there are too many) for you and your teammates, so knowing when to extract is pivotal. A safe extraction is a win, even if you were still in the very first phase. 

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