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Elemzje: "No nos veo como favoritos... pero tenemos la capacidad para ser los mejores"

Con el Six Invitational 2021 a la vuelta de la esquina, que se celebrará entre el 11 y el 23 de mayo en París, SiegeGG habló con el jugador de BDS, Elemzje.

Exte next Six Invitational 2021 will surely be the most special and unique event in which BDS Esport has ever participated.

Mainly there is that it will be the first and probably the last held outside of its original location, Canada. On the other hand, its new location, Paris, means that the team will play in its own territory. Finally, and most unfortunately, the prevent pandemic that the event is celebrated with the presence of already legendary French fans.

This tournament will be the second Invitational for BDS Esport, but it will undoubtedly be the first in which fans and analysts alike will consider them a favorite.

The BDS roster at the Six Invitational 2020. From left to right: Shaiiko, Elemzje, rxwd (replaced by BriD), RaFaLe, and Renshiro.

The team performed well throughout 2020, but was still far from being considered a strong candidate due to its record in the first round of Season 11 of the ESL Pro League. However, despite this, the team managed to finish fourth at the last Invitational after several high-level performances throughout the underdog.

This time, the French roster is considered one of the main favorites, in addition to being without a doubt the European team that arrives in the best form. Natus Vincere, stage 1 champions of the European League, will not be present at the tournament because they could not qualify over the past year.

The most radical change that BDS has undergone came a few months ago, when the team replaced Captain Morgan " rxwd " Pacy for the former player of Team Vitality, Loïc " BriD " Chongthep; a movement that transformed the team.

After the team finished last of Season 11 of the Pro League, the French were champions of the regular phase of the European League in addition to taking the Six August Major. Later, the team finished second in the November Major and in the Finals of the EUL.

This season, Stéphane " Shaiiko " Lebleu is third and second in terms of valuation and KD, Olivier " Renshiro " Vandroux is fifth in terms of entry and KOST, while Adrien " RaFaLe " Rutik is ranked in the latter category. As if this weren't enough, BriD is the second player with the most plants in the league.  

This is why BDS is one of the strongest and most talented individual teams. In addition, Elemzje perfectly fulfills the role of IGL to unite the roster.

SiegeGG spoke to Elemzje to find out more about the team and their vision for the game, as well as the team's preparation for this Six Invitational.

Your team has had another stellar season and despite the fact that others are improving, your team is still on top. What is the key to achieving this consistency?

I think the key is to maintain that work environment within the team and find solutions to all the mistakes that the team may make.

The team has not made any roster changes since BriD entered by rxwd. How much does it help to have this stability? Is it something as simple as changing one player for another in case things go wrong, or something as complicated as that possible telepathy when it comes to understanding the game in such a similar way?

Stability is something very significant for us, we want to create a long-term project and I think that being able to work with the same people for months helps the team a lot, thus being able to fix all the problems and improve the playing style quickly. You know all the players and you know how they will react to certain things, everything is easier.

Two of your losses this season came in overtime against Na'Vi and Cowana in Oregon, your best map. What went wrong with those games?

We lost twice in Oregon because, I think, we are too much predictable. I guess all the teams watched us and analyzed how we played the map as we are the best on it. Formed it in that we were playing needs some changes in order to bring more surprises in the future.

This will be, probably, the only Six Invitational that you will play at home. Is this an advantage for you? How does it make you feel to arrive at the tournament as one of the main favorites?

I don't think we're favorites, honestly. I think this edition is special is that everyone is more favorite than in the previous edition. Of course, playing in France is something that motivates us as French. It's a shame about COVID, since the French public is crazy.

Do you feel any more pressure when it comes to being favorites?

We do not feel any pressure at this event. Of course, we are the best in Europe and it is a condition that we have had for a few months now, but as I said before, all the teams deserve it. It's a LAN event and the game is played differently, so we'll see who's going to play their cards better.

What is your opinion about the change in the format and how would you assess the possibilities of your team in the group?

I love the new format proposed by Ubisoft, it is the same as other events like DOTA 2 IT, it makes the event more fair for everyone. I think we have a great chance of surviving the groups, but I repeat, there could be surprises.

What is your goal for this Invitational? Do you think that I go to achieve it?

My goal for this Six Invitational is obviously to win it all. I think we can achieve it, I don't want to win anything but I think we have the quality and the ability to be the best team.

Is there something you would like to say to your fans, or maybe your competitors?

I would like to thank all those who support us, I wish all the teams good luck and have a good time in France (the best country in the world, of course!)


You can see BDS Esport in action from May 12 to 3:30 PM CET, when they will face off against FURIA Esports in Paris.