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LATAM Transfers: Latest Updates - Rovida ,Cypris, Mity, SKaDinha and wag Leave SANTOS e-Sports

Here's a quick summary of all the changes in the Brazilian, Mexican and South American Divisions of the Latin American region since the end of Stage 2!

LATAM Transfers: Latest Updates - Rovida ,Cypris, Mity, SKaDinha and wag Leave SANTOS e-Sports

As SiegeGG's hub for all roster changes in the transfer window post-Stage 2,  this page will be regularly updated with the latest transfer news. Check out the APACNA, and EU threads for changes within those regions as well.

Summary of Changes So Far


  • Team Liquid - mav suspended
  • Black Dragons - Lagonis leaves, pzd leaves
  • W7M Gaming - freeezao leaves
  • FURIA Esports - fredQx leaves FURIA, TchubZ leaves, Novys leaves
  • SANTOS e-Sports - Rovida, Cypris, Mity, SKaDinha and wag leave

Campeonato Mexicano:

  • Estral Esports - XigmaZ, GOKU, and SkMzY leave
  • Timbers Esports - Re4per leaves, org leaves R6, Morphed, FBK, and Navy leaves
  • Chivas eSports - Xploidz retires

Roster Changes

March 1st: Rovida, Cypris, Mity, SKaDinha and wag Leave SANTOS

Leaving Santos and future of the players

Me, Cypris, Mity, SKaDinha and wag are leaving Santos.
It was a common agreement, I would like to thank everyone for their support, especially the fans who have always been kind to us.
We will continue together and we will count on the addition of PZD to our team. We are more prepared than ever to play the tier 2 championships to take back our spot at the BR6 and return to the elite of the R6.

We are looking for an organization, to contact us, my email is: [email protected]


pzd Leaves Black Dragons

Today, we say goodbye to a great player and an eternal friend: Pzd. With all the certainty in the world, Black Dragons would not be what it is today without you in our history. From Dona Vânia to the best clutches, our thanks! GLHF on your walk!


February 25th: Novys Leaves FURIA

One of FURIA's newest members of Daniel "Novys" Novy has left the team after six months of competing for them. After joining in the mid-season to replace Miracle, the ex-MIBR player helped FURIA survive relegations and qualify for the Six Invitational as the most experienced member of the squad. 

Together we conquer, together we win, but now we will follow different paths.
We thank you for all your efforts and wish you success in your career!

February 21st: Timbers Leaves R6

The Timbers Esports organization has left R6 after two years in the game, however, the roster will retain their Mexican Championship spot as they have been sold to a new organization. 

This comes after Re4per, Morphed, Navy, and FBK each left the team over the last month with Re4per since being banned for six months after breaking poaching rules. 

Thanks to all who made up this project that today comes to an end.

February 17th: freeezao Leaves W7M Gaming

Igor "Freezao" Silva has left W7M Gaming after a seventh-place finish during the 2020 BR6 League.

Freezao qualified for the league alongside the roster before being picked up by W7M in May. During his debut professional season, however, freeezao achieved SiegeGG Ratings of 0.76 and 0.79 during Stages 1 and 2 -- the lowest of all non-substitute members of the team -- as his team finished the season down in seventh. Now, he leaves the squad ahead of the 2021 Season in what constitutes the first change in players for the lineup since December 2019.

Farewell Day!
Today we say goodbye to our player
We thank you for all the time and effort in general for the great evolution of the team, and we wish you all the best and success in your career!

February 12th: TchubZ Leaves FURIA Esports

With the change of the structure from Gaming House to Gaming Office by @Furia we had to renegotiate the contract. As we did not reach an agreement, I asked to be released to look for new opportunities and they agreed to release me.

I am happy with how the cycle ended, it was a very incredible year in all aspects, for the first time in my career I competed in a relegation (to fall) and we managed to turn it around and get the classification for the World Championship (Invitational). It was an extremely difficult, exhausting, and fulfilling year at the same time. I sincerely thank you for allowing me to live this experience with you.

February 2nd: GOKU, SkMzY & XigmaZ Leave Estral

Two players and a coach of Estral have left the team after winning the 2020 Mexican Championship, both Regional Majors, finishing one spot below qualifying for the Six Invitational and falling in the SI Qualifier grand-final against FURIA. 

None of the three players gave any real explanation of the change with them simply posting LFT posts on their own Twitter accounts. 

January 29th: Lagonis Leaves Black Dragons

A year after joining the team, Lorenzo "Lagonis" Volpi has left the Black Dragons after an eighth-place finish during the 2020 BR6 Season.

Today I finish a 1 year cycle representing Black Dragons. I am immensely grateful to the organization for the opportunity and very grateful for the friendships I made here in the team and I am sure that these are friendships that I will take for life. 

But tough decisions need to be made
and my decision was not to stay on Line.

I know that, for a team to achieve maximum performance from the members, it is necessary that everyone has a total synergy. As much as all the players on the team are great players, I was not able to achieve the harmony I was looking for. I ended up not finding myself on that line and that's why I'm going to look for new challenges.

January 11th: Xploidz Retires from Chivas

After finishing the 2020 Mexican Championship season in fourth place, "Xploidz" has left Chivas eSports and retired from competitive Rainbow Six.

...these last days situations arose in my life that forced me To make this decision that not even I expected so I officially retire from competitively playing Rainbow Six Siege, I will continue playing in a more amateur way and creating content for you.

January 6th: mav Suspended from Team Liquid Following Abuse Allegations

After joining Team Liquid as a coach from FaZe Clan last September, Rafael "mav" Loureiro Freitas has been suspended from the team following abuse allegations that came forward from two years ago.

The allegations made came from two ex-girlfriends which were supported by 14 screenshots of text messages and two voice logs (all in Portuguese). The first of which claimed he had been physically abusive to his ex-girlfriend with her claiming he had "hit her twice against a wall" leaving her purple with bruises:

A portion of one of the texts stating the allegation

He probably turned me purple
On the leg
Because he hit me twice on the wall
Then I screamed that he was hitting me
and the girls ran
On top of him

Mav responded to this by partially admitting the accusations in this since-deleted tweet:

Sad to see what things have come to, they just want to see bad things happening to others. I have a clear conscience because I know everything I’ve been through in these past years and if a mistake made in the past (yes, 3 years ago I pushed my ex) means I lose...

This comes following a series of accusations of abuse in the Brazilian scene against a number of current and ex-players with the caster of Otávio "Retalha" Ceschi releasing a Twitlonger apology in response to one such accusation:

I was wrong to flirt with Lara at a time when I was dating and she was single. There is no justification for my mistake and no excuses.

Mav will remain suspended while Team Liquid investigates the allegations as the team prepares for their upcoming Six Invitational appearance. 

January 2nd: Re4per Leaves Timbers

After joining the team for the mid-season, Luis Daniel "Re4per" Rosas Benitez has left Timbers Esports. In his time on the team, he finished second during Stage two, the November Regional Major and the 2020 Finals.

I find myself F / A I can cover the role of support or as a coach - analyst, I am willing to share ALL my knowledge about the game, also private consultancies to help teams or players, RT is appreciated friends 

December 7th: fredQx Leaves FURIA

After fending off relegations the FURIA Esports lineup has opted to drop the player of Renan "fredQx" Lucas.

Today we say goodbye to @fredQxfps
We would like to thank you for all the time we spent together and for the dedication and work imposed on the team.
Much success in your career, Fredão!


And so, that's every change within the Latin American region so far in this transfer period. Check back here for more updates over the coming days!