Six Invitational 2020 MVP: Rampy

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After an undefeated title run to take the 2020 Six Invitational title, Rampy has been named SiegeGG's event MVP!

Nathanial "Rampy" Duvall, the top fragger for Spacestation Gaming, has been crowned the SiegeGG MVP following his team’s victory at the Six Invitational 2020 in Montreal this weekend.

Rampy first began his high level competitive career at the beginning of 2017 when he joined the Challenger League roster of Noble esports for Season 7. After winning this season, he was quickly picked up by another Pro League team in Spacestation Gaming where he has remained since.

After six months on the roster, they finally began to achieve high level finishes with top four finishes at DreamHack Winter and the US Nationals in December of that year before they fell to the eventual champions in the quarter-finals of last year's Invitational in a very close three-map game. 

More recently, the team achieved three more quarter final victories at the Allied Minor, the Raleigh Major and DreamHack Montreal, before finishing runners up at the OGA Minor in December and finally winning their first piece of silverware at the 2019 US Nationals.

SSG with their USN trophies

Now, at the Six Invitational, SSG continued their top-tier LAN performances by topping their group ahead of TSM before defeating MIBR, DZ and then TSM once again to make it to the Grand-Finals of the Major. Here, their opponents of NiP took a massive early lead winning two maps to put them up 2-1 and within two rounds of the title. A comeback of their own was then carried out by SSG as Canadian led his team to their second title and his second caber.

SSG with the caber

Across these games, Rampy achieved a total rating of 1.2 (the second highest of all playoff teams behind BDS), a kill/death spread of +48, and a total of three successful 1vXs, topping his team in almost every statistic.

SSG's event statistics

With this victory, SSG now becomes the first North American team to win a tier-one tournament in three years, Bosco and Canadian joins an exclusive group of two times Invitational champions alongside Pengu, Fabian, Joonas and Goga and Rampy joins the elite group of prior SiegeGG MVPs seen below:

He now joins a select group of MVPs elected by SiegeGG, seen below:

  • Six Invitational 2018 - Pengu
  • Season 7 Finals- Nesk
  • Paris Major - Kantoraketti
  • Season 8 Finals - Fabian
  • Six Invitational 2019 - Kantoraketti
  • Season 9 Finals - dan
  • Allied Minor 2019 - Ferral
  • Raleigh Major - ShepparD
  • DreamHack Montreal 2019 - Beaulo
  • Season 10 Finals - CTZN
  • OGA Pit Minor - Paluh


Congratulations to Spacestation Gaming for winning the title and to Rampy for his prize. You can see all of the weekend's matches here, see our news coverage of the event here and see highlights of all matches on YouTube here!