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Siege Around the World this Week - April 24-30th

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While the Pro League continues on, let’s take a look at the biggest and best games from all the lower leagues around the world this week, the 24-30th of April.

This series aims to highlight the best and most interesting games of all the lower leagues in competitive Siege, from the BR6 national league to the German Saturday League, to ensure you don’t miss the best action going on at all levels of play.

ESL Benelux League Season 3

The third season of one of Europe’s largest leagues kicks off tonight as players from the nations of Belgium, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands fight out to be crowned the champions of the Benelux region. This tournament pits eight teams against each other in a best-of-one map round robin format every Wednesday until June 5th, at which point the top four teams will qualify for the LAN Final on June 22nd.

Team Demise lifting the ESL Benelux Season 2 trophy via @Rainbow6Benelux

Last season ended with somewhat of an upset, as the favourites and Season 1 champions of Trust Gaming were defeated in the grand-final by Team Demise. However, this roster has since separated, reinstating Trust as the clear favourites for this season. One of their main rivals will likely be Conquer Gaming, previously known as Flash Point. A number of their players have a significant amount of experience in the Benelux League, with both Nick "TigerB" van Noort and Pasi "ScorpZ" Pokkinen having played in the Challenger League back in Season 4.

This week’s Benelux matchups.

You can watch the eight teams fight it out for the €11,500 prizepool on the rainbow6bnl Twitch account every Wednesday evening or keep track of all the action here at SiegeGG!

Challenger League: NA - ‘92 Dream Team vs Disrupt Gaming

Following the end to the regular season of the European Challenger League on Monday, the final North American play day will be played on Friday, with Organised Chaos guaranteed a playoff spot and five teams fighting to earn one of the three remaining spots. As the Soniqs need just a single point to make it to the playoffs and Our Bad needs a virtual miracle to make it, the real fight will likely come down between Disrupt Gaming, ‘92 Dream Team (previously known as Vicious Gaming), and Tune 6quad, making the matchup between the first two one of the most impactful of the season so far.

The statistics between Disrupt and ‘92 Dream Team in the first half of the season.

Disrupt won their matchup in the first half of the season with a confident 7-2 result, however ‘92 has been on quite a run since then. Their three defeats in the first half of the season have been met with just one close 5-7 defeat in the second half, and with the ex-Excelerate Gaming player of Tomas "Tomas" Kaka having joined the roster last week, they look to be in pole position to solidify their place in the playoffs against Disrupt.

Magyar Nemzeti E-sport Bajnokság - Season 1 Finals

While a number of other leagues kicked off this week, the Hungarian national league comes to its conclusion this weekend as two teams battle it out in the offline finals in Győr, Hungary, to win the lion’s share of the €5k prize pool.

The grand-finals matchup via

After coming out of the online season as comfortably the top two teams in Hungary, WiLD MultiGaming, and RIFT Esports will be the teams fighting for the title on Saturday. While WiLD are likely the favourites, their head-to-head results during the season ended 7-3, 3-7, showing that the two teams are somewhat evenly matched and make this game a tight one.

The current MNEB standings via listing: Team, Points, Games Played, Wins and Losses

While this is the first Hungarian tournament to have an actual LAN event with a pretty large prize pool, the two most successful and well-known Hungarian players of Balázs "blas" Kővári and Ferenc "SirBoss" Mérész will not be attending. Both these players currently play in the Pro League on PENTA, meaning that their Pro League games on Friday nights clashed with the MNEB’s schedule.

Nevertheless, the favourites of WiLD MultiGaming have previously shown their worth in the T3H eSports Premier League, where they defeated the core of the current Team Empire roster. Regardless of the other teams’ lack of international stature, though, the online season shows that these games will be incredibly tight and are an excellent opportunity to see some of Europe’s top lesser known teams in action.

Masters League Season 2

Finally, we have the Polish national tournament which will consist of eight teams playing a series of best-of-three map matches across two GSL-format groups. Following this, the top four teams will then qualify for the LAN Finals on June 8-9th to fight for a 4,700 prize pool.

While many of the names will be unfamiliar to many, the three organisations of PACT, MnM Gaming, and GoSkilla will all be present with some altered rosters. PACT comes in as the reigning Polish champions from Season 1, but have had a very tough season in the Challenger League, finishing last with a 2-1-11 win-draw-loss record.

MnM Gaming includes the core of the Challenger League roster in Doki, Kendrew and Saves, but includes the two extra Polish players who finished in third place in Season 1 -- iqorex and Krzok -- in order to qualify for the competition, while GoSkilla Poland includes none of the Finnish Challenger League players, with this roster being acquired just for this event.

While lesser known internationally, the Invicta Gaming roster will also likely be real contenders for the title as they made it to the LAN Finals last season and very nearly defeated MnM Gaming (5-7, 7-5, 5-7) during the qualifiers. This all builds up to a very tight season of competitive Siege, and will be cast by the Pro League observer of Marcin "Marciu" Prusinowski. You can watch the games every Wednesday at 7pm CEST on the rainbow6pl Twitch channel or follow the action from the @Rainbow6PLTwitter account.

Tonight’s matchups via @Rainbow6PL.  ExCellenT Crew has since been acquired by Team GoSkilla.



These are the biggest and most interesting matchups this coming week across the secondary-level tournaments around the world. Keep an eye out for more SiegeGG coverage of all levels of Rainbow Six, including the CCS Finals this weekend and the US Nationals qualifier tomorrow evening.