Revealing SiegeGG Worldwide: Our Hub for All Supported Languages

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We introduce SiegeGG Worldwide, our new hub for content in all of our supported languages.

As a part of SiegeGG's effort to expand in all regions of the world, including our recent "Siege Around the World This Week" series and coverage of the developing MENA region, we are now beginning SiegeGG Worldwide. SiegeGG Worldwide will serve as our hub for content in all of SiegeGG's supported languages: Portugese, French, Spanish, Japanese, and German.

To reach a wider audience with our content more regularly, we will be posting all translated articles on @SiegeGG_WW. If you prefer to read about Rainbow Six Esports in your native language, following SiegeGG Worldwide will give you the quickest access to the newest updates around the scene. In addition, you can check each language's news hub here on the website!

español: Siege.GG/news/es

português: Siege.GG/news/pt

日本語: Siege.GG/news/jp

français: Siege.GG/news/fr

Deutsch: Siege.GG/news/de

With the new SiegeGG Worldwide initiative, we hope to produce more content in these languages. In May of last year, we introduced website localization for German users. Now, users can choose for the website to natively be in German, French, or Portuguese in addition to English while logged in.


Stay tuned at @SiegeGG_WW for frequent articles as well as updates regarding worldwide content! If you are interested in joining SiegeGG as a translator in a currently supported language or entirely new one, you are encouraged to apply here.