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TSM vs Ninjas In Pyjamas, Six Invitational 2021 (May 16 2021)

TSM vs Ninjas In Pyjamas

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Ninjas In Pyjamas
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Game results

  1. TSM won Consulate 72
    TSM: 6 1
    NIP: 0 2
    TSM won game 0 on Consulate

Consulate: Round by round

  1. TSM defending Lobby/Piano
  2. Thermite Kamikaze gets a 2k
  3. Goyo Beaulo gets a 2k
  4. Thermite Kamikaze plants defuser
  5. Goyo Beaulo clutches a 1v1
  6. Goyo Beaulo disables defuser
  7. TSM wins Lobby/Piano defense by site retake and defuser disable
  8. TSM defending Garage/Cafeteria
  9. TSM wins Garage/Cafeteria defense by round timer
  10. TSM defending Tellers/Archives
  11. Pulse Achieved gets a 2k
  12. TSM wins Tellers/Archives defense by round timer
  13. TSM defending Lobby/Piano
  14. Sledge pino gets a 2k
  15. Mira Merc gets a 3k
  16. TSM wins Lobby/Piano defense by elimination
  17. TSM defending Garage/Cafeteria
  18. TSM wins Garage/Cafeteria defense by elimination
  19. TSM defending CEO/Meeting
  20. Smoke Chala gets a 2k
  21. Jager Beaulo gets a 2k
  22. TSM wins CEO/Meeting defense by elimination
  23. Ninjas In Pyjamas defending Garage/Cafeteria
  24. Melusi Muzi gets a 2k
  25. Vigil Psycho gets a 2k
  26. Ninjas In Pyjamas wins Garage/Cafeteria defense by elimination
  27. Ninjas In Pyjamas defending CEO/Meeting
  28. Wamai JULIO gets a 3k
  29. Ash Achieved plants defuser
  30. Clash Kamikaze disables defuser
  31. Ninjas In Pyjamas wins CEO/Meeting defense by site retake and defuser disable
  32. Ninjas In Pyjamas defending Tellers/Archives
  33. Jackal Beaulo gets a 2k
  34. Jager Muzi gets a 2k
  35. Hibana geoo plants defuser
  36. TSM wins Tellers/Archives attack by elimination
TSM wins Consulate

This competition

Six Invitational 2021
  • Type LAN Major
  • Region International
  • Prize pool $3,000,000
  • Location Paris France
  • Venue Palais Brongniart




Ninjas In Pyjamasroster


Map vetos

Ninjas In Pyjamas
Chalet Ban
Ban Club House
Coastline Ban
Ban Oregon
Villa Ban
Ban Kafe
Decider Consulate Decider

Operator bans

League-wide bans: Flores Flores
  1. Nomad TSM banned Nomad
  2. thatcher Ninjas In Pyjamas banned Thatcher
  3. valkyrie Ninjas In Pyjamas banned Valkyrie
  4. Echo TSM banned Echo

Player stats