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Sound Of The Silencing vs KlickBait Tactics, PL Season 8 SEA (Jul 19 2018)

Sound Of The Silencing vs KlickBait Tactics

Game results

  1. KlickBait Tactics won Oregon 60
    SOTS: 0 0
    KBT: 0 0
    KlickBait Tactics won game 0 on Oregon

Oregon: Round by round

KlickBait Tactics wins Oregon

This competition

Pro League Season 8 South-East Asia
  • Type Online Pro
  • Region Asia-Pacific
  • Prize pool $9,000


No team roster data available.

Map vetos

Sound Of The Silencing
KlickBait Tactics
Decider Oregon Decider

Operator bans

No operator ban data available for this map.

Player stats

No player stats data available.